AHDB Dairy mastitis control plan

British mastitis conference

Dairy Education Center – University of Minnesota

European College of Bovine Health Management

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

Journal of Dairy Science

M2 Magazine


National Mastitis Council

Quality Milk Production Services Program – College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University


Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research 

World Buiatric Association


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Milk Withdrawal Period Calculator

App that calculates the time of withdrawal of milk from a cow that has been treated with the product during the drying time. The calculator takes into account the exact moment the drying began until delivery. It calculates the time remaining to eliminate milked milk from birth and so respect the product legal withdrawal time (according to the product’s technical specifications sheet).


Mastitis treatment in dairy cows mainly relies on the use of antibiotics. Now, however, a new approach offers farmers significant benefits and important cost savings. Calculate how much you can save now! Try this app!