Most commonly used media to differentiate mastitis pathogens

There are several types of media used at the laboratory to discriminate the groups of causative agents of mastitis.Described below are those media that are the most commonly used.

Blood agar

Allows the growth of all types of microorganisms. Morphological differentiation of colonies possible. Allows the different types of haemolysis to be distinguished.

Baird-Parker agar

Selective medium for staphylococci. It allows differentiation between Staphylococcus aureus and CNS.

Edwards agar

Selective culture medium for the isolation of streptococci. It allows differentiation between esculin-positive (S.uberis) and esculin-negative (S. dysgalactiae and S. agalactiae) streptococci. Haemolysis can also sometimes be observed.

Mc Conkey agar

Selective medium for the isolation of coliform bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria in general. It allows differentiation between lactose-positive coliforms and lactose-negative microorganisms.

Mueller- Hinton Agar

Allows almost all organisms to grow.It is commonly used for testing of antibiotic sensitivity.


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