The pulsators

The pulsators act as valves that alternate between allowing air and vacuum to enter the teat liner and the pulsation chamber. The vacuum exerts a sucking action on the teat (the "milking" phase), which affects its physiology. The atmospheric air then acts as a "massage", recovering the normal state.

The vacuum pump

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The vacuum pump extracts the air from the milking system, creating a vacuum that sucks the milk out of the udder and through the pipes. 

Washing system

Pipes of the washing system

Wash pipes

Like all pipes of the milking machine, the wash pipes should have minimal length and curves, ensuring a minimum quantity of water needed at each milking point and at the receiver/ vessel-sanitary trap set. Use of stainless steel pipes and fittings is recommended since the cost involved is easily recovered compared to other systems.

Milk line

Steel fitting

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Milk Withdrawal Period Calculator

App that calculates the time of withdrawal of milk from a cow that has been treated with the product during the drying time. The calculator takes into account the exact moment the drying began until delivery. It calculates the time remaining to eliminate milked milk from birth and so respect the product legal withdrawal time (according to the product’s technical specifications sheet).


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